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Certified Quantum Practitioner


The choices that we make as individuals determine which quantum possibility, we experience in our personal lives. Quantum Physics suggests that by redirecting our focus – where we place our attention – we bring a new course of events into focus while at the same time releasing an existing course of events that no longer serve us.

The membrane between future possibilities may be so thin that we fail to recognize it when we cross into a new outcome. We may feel that the choice has been spontaneous or natural; the change now allows us to experience a possibility that was only a dream in the past.

Quantum Physics have predicted the existence of many outcomes for a given event for nearly eighty years. Multiple outcomes imply that each possibility is already created and presents in our world. Perhaps in a form that we have yet to recognize, somewhere in creativity, as an embryonic mix of the physical and nonphysical, each outcome awaits to be called into the focus of our awareness.

As our outcome gives way to another, for a brief moment the two must occupy the same space at the same time. As one event is brought into the focus of our senses, it must be capable of overlapping a second event, if only for the fraction of a second that it takes the two to slide past one another.

The power to initiate a dimensional shift is another aspect of quantum mechanics that we call Dimensional Phase Displacement, a big sounding name for describing the process of how the dimensional shift takes place. We are sharing the protocols we use to initiate dimensional shifts ourselves, now each student who follows our protocols will discover the secrets to shifting dimensions at will.

This is our newest Home Study Course, Part 4 deals with dimensional shifting that one can initiate to obtain a desire outcome. When we talk about Dimensional Phase Displacement, we are talking about the science of quantum mechanics and of initiating dimensional shifting from one reality to another reality to cause outcomes more to our choosing. The shift will be so gradual that you may not be aware of it, but it does happen.

This Home Study Course will provide the basis for your understanding and acceptance of this quantum break though. This course has evolved over time incorporating the many aspects of positive thinking and the Language of Prayer that we presented in our study course for Paranormal Investigator. We have explored and discovered techniques that allowed us to change our future by inserting new and overlapping dimensions into our own reality so we may have outcomes of our choosing. This is a personal growth course. Earn the Certified Quantum Practitioner diploma.

This is a PDF eBook that is can be read by PC or MAC systems. The 91-page PDF Home Study Course can be printed out if a hard copy is desired. We provide it as a PDF download or on a CD. The CD is shipped by Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation.


With body-mind-soul, I really thank Dr. Dave for this kind of course, which is the first of its kind. This course had enabled me not only to understand the existence of parallel dimensions and how or when the overlapping occurs, but it enabled me to go further than that, where I could now understand the relationship between past and future events, and how the future dimension could be altered through a positive way of prayer together with positive visualization.

Last but not least, after completing this course, I now have a different view about things. My journey of life had totally changed. Now, I am able to understand the connection between the present and the future with dimensional displacement. The intention and visualization are great ways to change future events. As a paranormal researcher, this course has given me a wider understanding of the paranormal and how to document their existence.

Not only has the course given me the chance to explore and to recognize my own strength, but it has also given me deeper understanding on the actual concept of positive thinking which is not only in the way we think, but also in our prayers, intentions and visualizations. Thank you very much for this great home study course, Dr. Dave! I look forward to the next home study course.

Augustine Towonsing
Malaysian Ghost Research

Dave and Sharon, Just a note to say "THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH" because of your course I am taking, I stopped smoking after 36 years and so has my dad. That makes the course worth every penny x 1000. I owe you nothing short of spiritual peace. Thanks again both of you.
Bob Davis

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Table of Contents

Introduction to Understanding the Certified Quantum Practitioner

Ghosts verses Parallel Dimensions

Photographic Evidence for Parallel Dimensions

Dr. Dave Oester

Kristy Aucoin

            Valerie Scudder

            Simon Brown

            Carolyn & William

            Isaac Beracha

            Carol White

Understanding Scientific Terms

Scientific Articles on Parallel Dimensions

Fred Alan Wolf Parallel Universes  

            India daily Technology Team  

Victor Greto and Comments on Max Tegmark’s  

            Black Holes, Wormholes, and the 10th Dimension

            Michio Kaku Talks Parallel Universes  

Worlds Parallel  

            Parallel Universes: Can they exist?  

            Welcome to the 11th Dimension

            Crash Scenario  

Understanding Quantum Aspect of Healing

Articles on Quantum Healing

            A Basic Healing Technique for Everyone

            Demystifying hands-on healing

            Time for Research and a New Paradigm

           The True Magic of Touch is Life-Force Energy
           To Your Health--Supercharging

            Healing Hands – Lessons we learn from Bones and Wine

            Acupuncture and Quantum Healing

Resonance, Life Force, Breathing Techniques 

Connection the Energy to your Breathing

Creating a Vortex of Energy 




Tao of Fitness


Exam for the Certified Quantum Practitioner

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