Pleasant Hill Cemetery

These ghost photos were sent by David Liles of DeRidderGhostHuntersClub@hotmail.com.

David said, "Dave also I took a new member out to the cemetery for a training mission and did you know that I asked the spirits for help. When you play these for JR let him know what we did. I talked with the spirits and told them the following 'You know who I am, and what we do, as always we ask permission to take your photos and record your voice, I also ask you to help me with our newest member, he wants to learn about life after death, he wants to help document that love does survive the grave, please help me help him understand, then I said thank you.' Did you know that we got those voices almost immediately and he got to smell roses and a old tobacco smell and a great cold spot, I was standing with him at that moment and smelled it to. Also the heat index has been about 110 degrees and to feel a sudden cool spot with no wind blowing will make your hair stand up on our arms, YOUR STUDY S WORK AGAIN"

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Today most web sites that post orbs are posting the environmental orbs that are dusted from furniture or wiped from the TV screen. These environmental orbs are dust, pollen, or moisture. This is one of the rare ghost orbs and is not a dust orb. Notice that this ghost orb is emitting light energy suggesting it is the source of said energy. A life form that is emittting light energy! Dust orbs do not emit energy, they are generally transparent,have faces in them, and often show a distinct ring around the border, but a true ghost orb has none of these features.

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