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New Lin Cemetery

This ghost photo was sent by David Liles of DeRidderGhostHuntersClub@hotmail.com.

David said, "Now as far as New Lin cemetery is concerned it is old. I mean old. Some of the grave stones are buried in the grass and weeds. Some are so plain that they were clearly hand made using cement and sticks or even carved with fingers. Very crude markings. Some are old and some are new and it is off the beaten path. I drove right by it and never saw it even though the computer in the jeep told me I was there. I argued with a GPA/computer/thingy. Now old Dave here is not scared of the boogey's, Dave got scared tonight and about had to have an emergency, I was going to leave my stuff there and come back later. I was getting this cool EVP, which you can listen to they are very faint, both are females for sure. Well any who I'm setting on the grave focused, using the force, one with nature that whole thing and up behind me comes a howl I'm talking a mournful howl, I liked to wet my ghost hunter pants and luckily didnít drop any equipment. I turned around ready to meet what ever boogey I just pissed off and there was this lovely basset hound looking back at me then he just walked off. Hmmm.....just walked up and scared me then walked off. Mans best friend. Hmmm. Well here is what I got. I got several forms of ecto clouds over the graves."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Notice the ectoplasmic mist over the grave.

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