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This eBook will instruct the reader on how to modify a simple $30 Radio Shack device for talking to the dead. This eBook will also show the reader how to use freeware software called Audacity for removing background noise, increase the signal strength, and how to use white noise to enhance the EVP voices. The section on Audacity follows after the step-by-step guide for making the modification.

Imagine being able to pick up a phone or a device like it and dial up The Other Side. Answering on the other end is someone who is no longer of this world — they're dead. This is the ET “call home” technology, which I nicknamed DigCom for Digital Communicator. Yes, imagine having two-way conversation with someone on the Other Side. Have you ever wanted to speak to a deceased family member, now is your chance with the Digital Communicator.

Now it is possible with the Digital Communicator, but who is on the other end of the call? Are they ghosts of the dearly departed or perhaps interdimensional beings, or perhaps aliens who are communicating with us via the audio frequencies from UFOs.

Can you really telephone the dead? Will the dead talk to you? The answer is yes! Just like EVP, the spirits are not always around to speak to, but near the full and new moons, they seem to be most active. They could be the dead speaking, they could be interdimensional beings, they could be aliens, no one knows for sure.

The Radio Shack device when modified becomes the Digital Communicator, and is a controversial new tool that evolved from research in the field of ITC, or Instrumental TransCommunication, which is dedicated to real-time, two-way bridges for voice and image by the use of electronic devices.

ITC employ the use of TVs, radios, telephones, computers, and other technical equipment to get information from the other side.

Technology is no longer limited by tubes and transistors, this new technology evolved with better circuit designs for accessing audio frequencies.

Since 2005, when this technology was revealed on a Paranormal States program. Today this technology has spread to Europe and back again to the America. Ghost investigators in Europe and in America have been talking with the dead, now with this eBook, you will be able to have your own telephone to talk with the dead.

The original audio frequency devices were homebrew, meaning that they were handmade and very costly due to time and material costs. Those who developed these black boxes charged an arm and a leg for sessions where they asked questions on behalf of the client.

As in all good things, competition and the application of newer technology soon made it possible for this same kind of “telephone to the dead” to be developed by modifying existing technology.

The advantage to this technology is that while recording, no insect noise in the background will affect the recording as you are recording directly from the radio. No man made noise or loud background sounds to muffle the recordings, which means you can use this anytime and anyplace. Totally superior to regular EVP recordings where background noise is a major factor. In November 2008, we conducted an investigation at Fort Craig, New Mexico testing his new technology. We recorded 45 EVP segments during a 40 minute recording session using this new technology. During this same time, Sharon recorded only one EVP on her traditional digital recorder.

Listen to a sample of this new technology recorded at Fort Craig, New Mexico in November 2008.

Talking with the Dead is the only eBook on the Internet that will show you a step-by-step procedure for modifying a $30 radio available at your local Radio Shack store so that it becomes a telephone for talking with the dead. The eBook includes photographs showing each step along the way. This modification takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete, which includes the time to open the case and remove two screws holding the circuit board in place, make the modification, and re-attach the circuit box back into the case. The only tools you will need are a wire cutter and a small Phillip-head screwdriver. Make your own telephone to talk with the dead.

We give a step-by-step guide for using Audacity, which is a free software that has a white noise function. This eBook will walk you through how to take the EVP segment from our recorder to the computer and then how to use Audacity to analyze the voice segment. How to use white noise, how to amplify the signal, and how to clean up the background noise.

This file is 4 MB and a broadband connection is suggested. Otherwise, we recommend you order the CD version. Before you download the file, reboot your computer to free up your memory. Once you have downloaded the file, save it to your computer first. If you try to open the PDF while still connected to the Internet, your computer may lock up. Open the file from within your own computer. Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher is required.

Listen to EVP recordings made using this technology:

  • Technology EVP 1
  • Technology EVP 2
  • Technology EVP 3
  • Technology EVP 4
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