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EMF Ghost Detector

I used this kind of EMF Detector when I want to obtain reliable EMF readings on my ghost investigations. I have found it to be very reliable and easy to use. I am able to determine the energy strength and size of the energy anomaly. This is far superior to LED displays or LED cards which is insufficient for valid readings.

I am the only outlet to provide a free instruction sheet with this unit to explain how it should be used and what readings would suggest ghostly anomalies and not man made energy fields. The instruction sheet is NOT sold separately. Unlike other companies with lower prices, we ship same day if order received before 3 PM Pacific time. We are the only ones with a telephone number listed and a live person to talk with. Other Internet companies delay shipping for as long as three weeks and do not respond to emails. You pay more with us, but you get service and immediate shipment.

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EMF Ghost Detector
  • EMF meter is similar to the photo
  • 30 to 300 Hz
  • Brand/Style may differ from Photo
  • Compact Hand-Held Unit
  • Digital Display Range: .1 to 199 Milligauss
  • Long Life with 9-Volt Battery
  • US$149.00 ppd. UPS Ground USA
  • US$184.00 ppd. UPS Next Day
  • Drop Shipped from Portland, OR

$149.00 UPS Ground with our Instructions for Paranormal use

$184.00 UPS Next Day with our Instructions for Paranormal use

Infrared Thermal Scanner

Many ghost researchers have been able to obtain photographs of ectoplasmic clouds and floating balls of light as a result of using the thermal scanner to track anomalous "Cold Spots". These cold spots may be from 25 degrees to 60 degrees colder than the surrounding ambient air temperature.

I provide a free instruction sheet on how to use this unit, else false readings could be obtained. No more wasted film when you use this infrared non-contact thermometer, to locate cold spots indoor or outdoor prior to taking photographs. This hand held thermal scanner uses infrared technology to measure the surface temperature of material without touching them by sending out a red laser beam. You simply point at your target, pull the trigger and a red beam shoots out and read the temperature on the large, backlit LCD display at where ever the red beam is pointing toward. Pin point accuracy. A hard or soft case is available for an extra charge of $13.

Read and view the Thermal Scanner in action.

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Thermal Scanner
  • Ghost Instruction Sheet.
  • Ideal for Detecting Anomalies.
  • Laser Pointer.
  • Digital Display.
  • Case, soft $13.00
  • US$149.00 ppd UPS Ground.
  • US$184.00 ppd UPS Next Day
  • Drop Shipped from Portland, OR

$13.00 UPS Ground (Soft Case for MT-4)

$149.00 UPS Ground

$184.00 UPS Next Day


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