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Dimensional Soldiers

This strange photo was sent by Carol White of Whiterce167@cs.com.

Carol said, "My stepmother has had this photo for years. She told me that she was visiting her families cemetery in West Virginia in 1962 when she noticed some beautiful flowers along the tree line. She took a picture of them and this is what came back. I find it hard to believe that it is a double exposure since the subjects are clearly soldiers from a different era."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Since this photo was taken in 1962, it is possible for a double exposure, however, close examination suggests four different soldiers that appear to be overlapping each other. The style of boots and uniforms suggest military and it appears that two of the soldiers are fighting. The one soldier who is bent over with a hand on a rifle and his other hand on the head of the other soldier is without his lower half of his body, ruling out douple exposure. The uniforms are not from the Civil War, but from some other war. I suspect this photo captured soldiers from at least two other dimensions beyond our own dimension. We talk about Quantum Physics and the Language of Prayer where we can change the present outcome by replacing it with another future outcome. This photos seems to reflect that teaching.

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