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House Ghost

This ghost photo was sent by Craig Cook of the2cooks@charter.net.

Craig said, "The attached photo was taken by a friend of our's who lives in a suburb of Wichita, Kansas. They bought a new house several months back and were taking photos to send to relatives and friends. They happened to capture this photo of an orb in motion. The wall it appears to come out of faces the basement area. Our friend knows of my interest in ghost hunting so she let me scan this photo for submission to you. It was taken on 400ASA Kodak color film. No one smokes in their house and the camera strap was around her wrist, away from the lens. Our friends are quite comfortable with the fact that their house has spirit visitors. They will keep me posted if they capture any other anomalies on film."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
This is a good example of an orb in motion leaving a contrail. In this case, an orb is another term for ghost/spirit/soul in motion.

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