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Certified Paranormal Counselor

The role of the paranormal counselor is to assist people to grow and solve their own problems by understanding the supernatural and the spirits of the dead. Knowledge of the spirit realm will enable the client successfully to cope with the paranormal happenings in his or her lives. The paranormal counsel will aid clients experiencing paranormal situations involving the haunting of a loved one or the haunting of a home by one or more ghosts.

This course will provide training as a Paranormal Counselor. It includes conducting proper interviews and providing individual comfort and educational help to those who are experiencing grief; loss of a loved one, earth bound spirits or those who are having difficulties with angry and malevolent spirits in their home.

This course will teach valuable insights and understanding that provide guidance on living and surviving through life’s transitions by embracing the transition and discovering the inner strength within each of us to move forward successfully. Death is the doorway to the life after life. This course will help the reader to understand those issues that may become barriers in the life to come.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Introduction to Part 5 of Home Study Course
Lesson 2 Paranormal Counselor
Lesson 3 Death
Lesson 4 Grief
Lesson 5 Fear
Lesson 6 Illness, Forgiving and Healing
Lesson 7 Soul
Lesson 8 Near Death Experience
Lesson 9 Dreams
Lesson 10 Sleep Paralysis

In the honor of the late Dr. Dave, his children want his work to live on and still offer his home study courses for a fraction of their original cost (originally sold for $50!). The courses offered here are for education and entertainment purposes only.


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Home Study Course for IGHS Certified Ghost Hunter Diploma

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