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Certified Paranormal Counselor

The role of the paranormal counselor is to assist people to grow and solve their own problems by understanding the supernatural and the spirits of the dead. Knowledge of the spirit realm will enable the client successfully to cope with the paranormal happenings in his or her lives. The paranormal counsel will aid clients experiencing paranormal situations involving the haunting of a loved one or the haunting of a home by one or more ghosts.

This course will provide training as a Paranormal Counselor. It includes conducting proper interviews and providing individual comfort and educational help to those who are experiencing grief; loss of a loved one, earth bound spirits or those who are having difficulties with angry and malevolent spirits in their home.

This course will teach valuable insights and understanding that provide guidance on living and surviving through life’s transitions by embracing the transition and discovering the inner strength within each of us to move forward successfully. Death is the doorway to the life after life. This course will help the reader to understand those issues that may become barriers in the life to come.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1 Introduction to Part 5 of Home Study Course
Lesson 2 Paranormal Counselor
Lesson 3 Death
Lesson 4 Grief
Lesson 5 Fear
Lesson 6 Illness, Forgiving and Healing
Lesson 7 Soul
Lesson 8 Near Death Experience
Lesson 9 Dreams
Lesson 10 Sleep Paralysis


To start, before I took this course when I went out on investigations, the focus was to document the investigation findings and my interaction with anyone at a location was to counsel them on the investigation process (what we were doing and what the equipment did). Sure, I could be empathetic to their situation if the haunting involved a loved one. However now, I have a more conceptual foundation to respond better to someone who has had a recent loss or may be experiencing a haunting by a loved one who is anchored here for whatever reasons. Of course, the course has given me insight as to what those reasons could be and I can explore those reasons with the living loved ones to help them deal with the situation. It was most enlightening to read about how a “death” could be the result of more than the physical loss of a loved one. It was especially insightful to know that other losses (financial, crises or whatever) in themselves could be the basis for a haunting. Since my group does investigations in an area where people are faced with so many losses, having this knowledge will make us better in our interaction and better representatives of the paranormal research field.
Charles Cox

The new home study course for Certified Paranormal Counselor has given me new strength and clear sight on the outlines of the standards and guidelines to be a paranormal counselor. In fact, I found that this course not only has given me the understanding of being a paranormal researcher who not only does research, but this course also provides support and help to those who need help to cope with paranormal events that haunt one’s life. This course has also strengthened my own understanding on the need of respect for others. In fact, I have realized that to be a paranormal counselor we must be able to have great understanding on our own doubts, understanding every difficulty that we face and share with others our own experiences with love so that others may growth spiritually at their own pace.
Augustine Towonsing

For me the Certified Paranormal Counselor course takes all 5 courses and gives me the means to use them to benefit others. Gathering data like EVPs or ghost photography evaluating them is a new emerging science. But all scientists study data for data’s sake. It is not until someone takes this data and merges it with medicine that the information truly helps humanity. It has only been recently that people have asked me why “they” are haunted and others aren’t. I have tried to help them as well as I could, but really didn’t have all the tools to do so. I feel I do now, and can do so with the comfort of feeling like I know what I am talking about.
Bob Gallienne

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