1898 Congress Pioneer Cemetery

Old Congress had a 40-stamp mill that hugged the foothills of Date Mountain. This was an active gold mining camp, complete with the Silver Dollar saloon. Umbrella trees lined Main Street and roses bloomed in 1890. For a short time, the legendary Diamond Jim Reynolds of the Mississippi River boat fame owned the mine. When the gold played out, the 425 men employed at the mine moved on to other mining camps, except for those who were the permanent residents of the Pioneer Cemetery. Today, the old town is privately owned by a company employing cyanide leaching on the old tailing dump and access is closed to the public. The old cemetery is open to the public and overlooks the tailing dump off in the distance. The cemetery has numerous graves marked only by a rock outline with no gravestones. Judging by the size of these unmarked graves, many were infants and young children.

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