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Testimonials From Recent Students

I received my study courses yesterday and am so pleased I'm speechless. I have been reading until my eyes started watering and I had to quit. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful home study courses.
Susan Grassi

Dr. Oester and Dr. Gill have put together a course unlike anything I came across while exploring the world of ghost research. Anyone can wander around the net and learn the basics of ghost research and unfortunately, many "experts" have done this and are offering their services to the general public. Buying a few gadgets and going to the home of someone that is having a problem can and usually does make matters worse. The course offered by the IGHS is a culmination of many years of hard work by this field's most highly regarded experts and will give the student an edge that few can match. It wasn't an easy course but it was well worth the effort. It was the best investment I made, bar none, in my efforts to become a ghost researcher. Now I can offer a genuine service to the paranormally challenged and feel that I have the real tools needed to do so. It's much more than meters and gadgets. I highly recommend the course to anyone that wants to become a professional ghost researcher and it will put the graduate head and shoulders above most others in this field.
Bob Gallienne, CGR, CPI, CEVPR

I have to tell you this has been a fascinating journey I have been on since taking the test in February. I have learned so much since. If it hadn’t had been for your courses all three of them I don’t think I would be on this spiritual journey now. I have to thank both you and Sharon for opening my eyes and heart to all that is possible. By doing this, I have been helping people all over with recording for evps and helping them understand that there is more to evp recording then just capturing spirit voices. I guess I found my calling so to speak and didn’t know it way back when taking the courses. I wish more people would take all three and learn as much as they can in there lifetime. It would change the way people act towards each other and also help with the transition we call death. More people need to give you both credit for the outstanding work you have accomplished in both of your life times.
Mercy Taylor , CGR, CPI, CEVPR

The International Ghost Hunters Society is proud to announce the first and only Home Study Course program leading to the Ghost Researcher Certification. This course is designed for students wishing to become professional ghost hunters or for students wishing to gain a greater understanding of the spirit realm. The course was prepared by Dave & Sharon, the two foremost authorities specializing in Ghost Photography. The course was released in November of 1998 and has been updated many times since. The course has been shipped all over the world.  

The CD contains the PDF version and is viewable on PC or Mac computers.  There is no refund option on the CD or PDF download version from us, but PayPal offers a Buyer Protection Service where they offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.

This is the most comprehensive and complete course on ghost hunting. We share everything we have learned and discovered in our combined 34 years as professional ghost hunters. There is no psychic babble, just a straight forward approach to scientific ghost hunting. This is the original ghost hunting course that inspired others to offer clone versions to the public. We teach and share all of our secrets and personal discoveries. There is no other home study course offered on the Internet that even comes close to the material and understanding that is offered by us. All other clone home study programs fade into the shadows when compared to the IGHS Home Study Course.

Dave & Sharon have shared with almost six million visitors, through their web site, the wonderful world of the ghosts and the paranormal. As active ghost researchers, authors, lecturers and ghost photographers, they have accumulated a combined total of over 1,500 field investigations at 386 different haunted sites and evaluated over 250,000 photographs. They have recorded over 5,000 EVP ghost voices without the need for white noise. The IGHS Home Study Course awards the Certified Ghost Researcher Certification.

Dave and Sharon has developed an advanced course or Part 2 of the Home Study Course, that explores the intense emotions associated with death and those who undertake the grieving process. Upon completion of Part 2, the Certified Paranormal Investigator diploma will be granted.

"My mind was opened up to an entirely new dimension of thinking! I was still bound by traditional religious superstitions and old techniques. Your Home Study Course just liberated me to a higher level of approach to Ghosts. May I express my thanks on providing the most in depth and fascinating course on this subject to date. I learned more in your course than I have in over 20 books on the subject of ghost research."
Debbie Jasqur

The Certified Ghost Researcher Home Study Course covers the following topics:

The Home Study Course is shipped to students living around the world. This is truly an International Home Study Course for understanding the paranormal. You step away from the traditional myths offered by parapsychologists and learn what the spirit realm is really like. No myths, just simple truths learned from our investigations and research. 

The IGHS Home Study Course Part 1 is the Certified Ghost Researcher and is offered either on the CD version or PDF download version. It comes complete with a Study Manual, Test Booklet, and the bonus Photo Analysis containing actual photos of paranormal and natural/photo/man-made anomalies so that the student can analyze their own photos. The CD version has the Photo Analysis PDF file already contained along with the PDF Ghost Researcher Course. Learn how to discern between a camera strap and a vortex, between dust particles and a spiritual orb. Learn about the common theme that links all anomalous photos. Learn the tricks of the trade for capturing fantastic ghost photos.

This optional program contains a PDF version readable on both PC and MAC. The Photo Analysis portion is a bonus and is not a part of the Course, but is used for the Certified Instructor Certificate. It comes standard with the CD version or the PDF download.

We discuss how the student can begin earning an income as we explore the many fields that are available to the Certified Ghost Hunter.

The CD Version of the Ghost Researcher Course is USD $113.00 for the Priority Mailing in USA. The Spouse/Mate/Family option is available so a second person can be certified at the same time with an extra set of test questions. This option is $25.00.

The special CD version is discounted when the Certified Ghost Researcher and the Certified Paranormal Investigator Courses (Part 1 and 2 of Home Study Course) are purchased at the same time for US$160.00 and we pay Priority Mailing in USA The Spouse/Mate/Friend/Family option is available so a second person can be certified at the same time with an extra set of test questions. This option is $35.00 for the combined Part 1 and 2 Home Study Course.

We also offer all of our courses as PDF for MAC computers readable by Adobe Acrobat, a free download. The Photo Analysis is also available as a download.

We offer a combined Part 1, 2, and 3 for the PC. This CD version is USD $250 and the optional Second Set of Test Questions is $50. We ship internationally through Global Priority Mail. We also offer Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 as a PDF download.

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