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Welcome to the Home Study Course that will earn the Certified EVP Researcher Diploma upon completion. This course is the embodiment of Dave and Sharon’s eighteen years of ghost research and more than 5,000 EVP recording segments, both from cassette tape and digital recorders. We have developed radically different techniques and protocols for the recording of ghost voices that has proven most successful for us.

The International Ghost Hunters Society is the first professional Society of Paranormal Investigators promoting the use of digital technology for the recording of ghost voices from beyond the grave. We believe that the voices recorded are the souls of those who lived and died here. They are not coming from space, from UFOs or from local radio stations, cell phones or other artificial sources, but are the actual voices being recorded in real time from the spirits of the dead.

When you decided to enroll in the International Ghost Hunters Society Home Study Course for Certified EVP Researcher Certification, you will embarked upon an exciting and rewarding experience. As a Certified EVP Researcher and member of the “most unique organization in the world” you’ll soon be investigating mysteries which have baffled mankind since history was first recorded.

The information contained in this Home Study Course manual will guide you to a stimulating hobby, or perhaps, into a new and profitable career. A brief examination of its contents will reveal that everything needed to launch you on your paranormal exploration is there between its covers.

You will learn the profession method of conducting field investigations according to the EVP techniques and protocols specific for EVP investigations. You will develop your EVP Recording skills so you can recognize valid ghost voices compared to static or general background noise.

Step by step instructions for working with Acoustica 2.25 and Acoustica 3.2/4.0 and the freeware Audacity software for filtering out clicks and for noise reduction.

We have established a Certified EVP Researcher page for those who complete the program. We list their name, city, state and email address so they can be contacted for EVP investigations by visitors and members of the IGHS.

The Certified EVP Researcher program consist of a either a PDF download or PDF on a CD designed for PC and MAC systems. Part one covered in the course is presented below. The Part 2 covers the Audacity software, how to use it, and where to get it free.

Legal Stuff
Forward by David John Oates
Welcome to Part 3 Certified EVP Researcher
History of Electronic Voice Phenomenon
Sound Waves
Where to Conduct EVP Investigations
Best Times for Recording EVP
EVP Recording Equipment
EVP Analysis Software
How to Connect the Recorder to the Computer
Using Acoustica 2.25, 3.2 and Acoustica 4.0 Software
Using Audacity Software
What Is Reverse Speech Pro?
Understanding Reverse Speech
Example of an EVP Investigation
Example Two of an EVP Investigation
EVP Samples
EVP Reversals
Certified EVP Researcher Exam

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The Part 3 CD Version of the Certified EVP Researcher Course is USD $65.00 and we pay for Priority Mail shipping in USA. The Spouse/Mate/Family option is available to one or more persons who can be certified at the same time with each person purchasing an extra set of test questions. This option is $25.00.

Part 3 PDF Download for PC/MAC $50.00

Part 3 PDF on CD for PC/MAC $67.00 USA Priority Mail

Part 3 CD $78.00 Priority Mail International

Part 3 Spouse/Mate/Family/Club Option $25.00

Part 1, 2, and 3 Combined CD Courses $223 USA only Express Mail

Part 1, 2, and 3 Combined CD Courses $225 Outside USA--Global Priority Mail

Part 1, 2 & 3 Spouse/Mate/Friend/Family/Club Option $50.00

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