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Chicago Ecto

This ghost photo was sent by Charles Cox of tchasman@earthlink.net.

Charles said, "I have been busy with a local group doing investigations. I read your newsletter when it comes. Tonight, I visited the site to look at the many good new pictures. A lot of ectoplasm shots. They reminded me of a shot I took while I was in Chicago about a year ago. It was taken at the Jane Addams Hull House on the University of Chicago campus. The house is known for its strange folklore (i.e. "The Devil Baby"). As I approach the house, I got this sense that someone was telling me "Don't come in here. This is not what you do!" Having been a ghost hunter for a while, I have learned to go with such warnings. I did take a shot on the sidewalk outside of the house. See the attached photo. Mind you, the temperature that night it was about 23 degrees. However, I made it a point to note to my friend "I wasn't breathing" at the time I took the shot when I reviewed it on the digital camera screen."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Since this was not exhaled breath, the white cloudy mist must be spirit energy patterns that we call ectoplasm.

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