Haunted Cemetery

These photos were sent by IGHS member redwing100@hotmail.com.

Cory said, "These pictures were taken last fall in a very old cemetery in North Dakota. The writing on the gate, and on most of the grave's is in German. The date's on most of the graves are from the 19th century. The night these pictures were taken was completely clear. All other pictures on the roll revealed nothing. Even when they were taken, there was nothing there. The picture of the gate shows a ball of light just below the top of the gate. There was no moon when these were taken, and there are no artificial light sources visible from the cemetery. It is very isolated. There is not even a road that goes to it. Everything besides the single ball of light inside the gate itself are by-products of scanning. The second picture has a wild image that was not there when it was taken. The fence is a small area inside the cemetery with a small group of graves in it. I have been visited this cemetery many times in search of paranormal activity, and have had a few strange experiences in there."

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