Anasazi Casamero Pueblo Ruins

Casamero Pueblo is a Chaco related site, one of more than a hundred Chacoan outliers. Chaco Canyon lies sixty miles to the north and was an important Anasazi cultural and religious center that reached its peak between AD 1040 and AD 1140. The Casamero Pueblo was probably built near the flood plane fields where agriculture crops, such as corn, beans, squash, pumpkins were raised. The Chaco great house consist of a L-shaped with twenty-three ground floor rooms and two kivas, the smaller of the two was incorporated within the great house. Photo 1 shows the smaller kiva.

Archaeologists have identified more than 140 archaeological sites in the vicinity, ranging from early Basketmaker pithouses to Puebloan structures to early twentieth-century Navajo homesteads.

We cannot express the feelings we had as we walked around this great house. The Chacoan Anasazi people lived here almost a thousand years ago. The pueblo felt peaceful and that is an important aspect. We got some good EVP as we departed the ruins, the language was not English or Spanish. Whether it was Navajo or the earlier Anasazi language we do not know.

BooBoo enjoyed her little walk into the Ruins and immediately found a window to investigate. Notice the masonry on the walls. This is one characteristics of the Anasazi people.

Casamero Pueblo Ruins is off of I-40 at the Prewitt exit. Turn right on Highway 66 and left on Highway 19. The small parking lot is four miles from Highway 66 on the left side of the road. The ruins are about a mile after you pass the Generating Power Station and just after you leave the paved road for a gravel road. It is easy to find and a short hike to the ruins. Always be aware of desert critters who live in the area, such as the rattlesnakes. Exploring the ruins can be fun, as well as safe by being aware at all times that you are in wilds and watch where you walk or where you place your hands. The red sandstone bluff is absolutely beautiful and those that lived here would be protected from late afternoon sun by the bluffs.

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