Book Review
America's Hauntings Vol 1: Haunted America Speaks
By Dr. Sharon Gill

It was a dark and stormy night and Sandra had snuggled under the warm blankets. Not really sleepy, she decided to scan through a new manuscript she would be editing. She wasn't prepared for what was about to happen, as the thunder rolled deep across the night sky. Thinking it was just another manuscript, she started to thumb through the pages but before she knew it she was hooked and couldn't put the manuscript down.

When Sandra finished reading, she slept with the light on the rest of the night. When she contacted the authors the next day, she said she would recommend people not read the book

alone at night. The manuscript she was reading was American's Haunting's, Volume One: Haunted America Speaks, now available through the publisher. The story I just told you is true, but it is not included in the book.

There are several things that make Haunted America Speaks unique. The stories are from the real case files of investigations conducted by Dave and Sharon. We have committed ourselves to this work full-time as we travel the highways of America.

Each story is new; the majority of the haunted sites are new as well. Each story has electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recorded at each site. The publisher has made these voices from beyond the grave available to the reader through a specially assigned website for the readers' convenience. As you read each story, you can hear the messages left by the spirit or spirits on digital format during the actual investigation.

In the little Amish town of Quarryville, Pennsylvania, the air is fresh and clean and folks are friendly. The Amish buggies travel up and down the roads where life is easy as it was fifty years ago. But just outside of town, deep in the woods, as smoke gently rises from the old wood stove at the Weaver house; something stirs in the darkness and Leah, the black Lab wakes from her sound sleep on the rug and quickly darts down the stairs.

Davey Weaver sleepily steps out onto the second story deck of his home and looks out over the vast yard surrounded by acres of timberland. He spots a column of light forming at the edge of the woods and knows the ghost of Weaver's Woods is coming to pay a call. Who is the ghost of Weaver's Woods or is there more than one? Why do they remain there and how is it that Davey lives so comfortably with them?

Not far from Weaver's Woods, we discovered an old cemetery. While walking through, reading the names and dates just before dark, I came across the headstone of a young woman, Mary Snodgrass who died at twenty-six years of age. The headstone was one among many that had broken and fallen to the ground. I could barely make out the name because of the mud and leaves, yet something had drawn me to this spot. What was it that caught my attention and attracted me to put the headstone right? While Dave and Davey worked to upright the marker, I turned on my recorder. Though Mary had died a very long time ago, the spirits around us were talking as though it were yesterday. What was it they had to say about Mary? It seemed the emotions surrounding Mary were still fresh in their minds and they weren't holding back. They spoke about Mary like we weren't even there but the recorder picked up every word.

Not too far from Quarryville, Pennsylvania is a little town called Locust Grove. It is here that the historic Haldeman Mansion sits on a knoll overlooking the Susquehanna River. In its day, the Federal-style mansion was home to John Haldeman and family. Though destined to be torn down, some very caring people strove to save the mansion and restore it as a historic site. What they didn't realize at the time was that they family would be staying with the house too.

As we waited outside of the mansion on the front porch for the lady bringing the key to let us in, we heard a banging sound coming from inside the tightly sealed mansion. But no one was inside the place and no one else was outside except Dave, Davey Weaver and I. As Dave and I sat on the front porch, the odd noises continued periodically. What we got on our recorders was more than we imagined. From all indications, the Haldeman's still lived in the empty house and life seemed to be going on as normal!

While traveling the east coast,As we waited we spent quite a lot of time in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Though Gettysburg is reputed to be the most haunted battlefield on American soil, ghost hunters are flocking to the area to get in on the action. The IGHS was the first society to hold Ghost Conferences in Gettysburg, starting in 1998. Read about some of the history at different sites of battle and experiences during our many investigations on the battlefields. What were the messages we recorded from the soldiers who still fight for freedom there? Why do they continue fighting the battle after almost 150 years? What is the Blue Cross and why is it trouble?

If you live on the west coast, the odds are probably good that you have never heard of the tragic flood in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1889. We had not heard about it until we met with the members of the American Paranormal Research Society. They shared the historical value of Johnstown with us and Johnstown as it is today. It is a remarkable story of tragedy and the wealth behind the destructive flood waters that left 2,200 people dead. Are they still there trying to let the living know what happened to them?

On a hill above Johnstown stand 777 blank granite headstones of the unidentified dead from that flood. It is a town that has the ideal conditions for restless spirits and that is exactly what we found. Learn about the flood and the conditions that were ideal for the dam to give way. Venture with us to the Stone Bridge where events that are even more tragic took place. They say that area is very haunted. View the pictures and the maps included with the story and listen to the voices of those who died and almost feel as though you are standing right there.

Leaving Pennsylvania, we traveled to the beautiful state of West Virginia. West Virginia is not only gorgeous; it is also a state of many mysteries. Travel with us in, The Long Journey Home, through a maze of winding mountain roads no wider than a footpath at times, and obscure cemeteries. Laugh with us about the green spots and the series of events that led us to a cemetery in the middle of a cow pasture. Read about the kindness of a crippled man who vanished without a trace. Was he real?

Have you heard the story about the ghost who helped to solve her own murder? It happened in West Virginia and the story is true. It was the first documented case of a ghost that revealed her killer and sent the murderer to prison, though the case had been officially closed. The state has erected historical markers as to where this amazing case took place in 1897. You can travel along as we follow this story to its sad end, at the gravesite of Hester Shue.

Traveling westward, we have a story in the book as told to us by an IGHS member in Chicago, Illinois. Henry Pena received a strange email one evening that was a desperate call for help. The woman writing was terribly distressed, swearing Lucifer was living in her home. This is truly a story no one will want to miss as Henry and his brother Mike go to the house where Lucifer lived. Read the story of their investigation from the beginning to the end and the results they got while in the woman's house. Though Henry was certain they had gotten nothing on their recorders, after the men had returned home and settled in for the night, the phone rang and Henry answered. It was Mike and he asked Henry if he'd listened to his tapes yet. Henry had not but Mike encouraged him to do so right away. You won't want to miss this one and it's an investigation Mike and Henry will never forget. It was such a good story when they told us about it, we felt it worthy of being a part of the book.

Dave and I spend a lot of time exploring the great southwest. We find ourselves roaming various ruins and the spiritual center of Chaco Canyon. We share our experiences at Chaco and northward at a site called the Aztec Ruins. Listen to the voices of those who once walked these lands as you learn the value of the Indian way of life and the importance of the kiva. We will take you inside of a restored Great Kiva, the center of the pueblo and share our experiences inside.

Wickenburg, Arizona is home to the Vulture Mine and the once booming mining town of Vulture City. It is true western history at its best. Our experiences there were amazing and it seemed pretty clear the old miners are still putting in time in the glory holes to bring out that precious gold. If you enjoy reading about old ghost towns, no only will you like this one, you may find yourself arranging to go there yourself one day and walk in the dusty footsteps of those hard working miners.

These are just some of the stories in our latest book, the first in a series of Full Spectrum books for Windstorm Creative Publishing. Each book contains photos and maps of areas related to the stories. Combined with the availability of EVP, you will feel like you are right there with Dave, Sharon, and BooBoo, each step of the way. Also included are tips how to record for you own EVP when visiting haunted sites. Windstorm is the leader in innovative publishing and the first to include actual voices of the dead for you to hear.

Brad Steiger, investigator and author of over 150 books on paranormal related subjects wrote the Forward to the book and you won't want to miss what he has to say. "Expect some shivers, for there are some genuinely spooky encounters described here," says Steiger.

Travel with us as we follow a ghostly trail of intrigue around this great land. Sit back, relax, and get ready for a new, innovative experience in true ghost stories. Just remember, you may not want to read these stories after darkness falls and the shadows fill the corners of your room!

Our book is available through our Publisher at Click Here. All orders placed through the Publisher receive a 20% discount off of the book retail price. The book is currently in bookstores.

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