Ghosts of Gettysburg: Walking on Hallowed Ground
Ghosts of Gettysburg has over 40 of the most haunted battlefield sites and 10 of the most haunted hospital sites that readers can visit on this haunted battlefield. This is a must-read for anyone visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield. Let Dave & Sharon show you the haunted sites of the Gettysburg Battlefield.

Ecto at Sachs Covered Bridge

These ghost photos were sent by Bill of

Bill said, "These were taken at Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg. There was no fog present at the time these pictures were taken."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
Ignore the orbs as they are dust particles. The two beams are the results of orbs in motion each leaving a contrail. The orbs in motion are close to the camera lens as photos are two-dimensional and size and distance cannot be determined unless they pass in behind an existing object. Since it was night, the flash range is only six to ten feet so the orb in motion had to be sufficiently close to the flash and lens due to its size. For example, hold a dime up to your eye and see how large it appears, now back away the dime and notice it grows smaller the further away from the eye.

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