Yarborough Cemetery in Belize City

These photos were taken in Belize, also known as British Honduras.

After the Mayan jungle, we bused to the Yarborough Cemetery, which was the first public cemetery in Belize, dating back to 1787 and finally closed in 1896. I was able to record a spirit voice with my digital recorder, but the most exciting moment of that investigation came when I was disobeying one of my own guidelines. Do not walk and record at the same time as the walking on grass sounds very loud and will hide any spirit voices that might be weak. Instead of standing still as I recorded, I was walking and not watching where I was walking I stepped into a sunken grave and fell forward landing completely within the sunken grave. Fortunately, it was for an adult so I was completely within the grave. I fell face forward and when I lifted my head, I looked up over the grave. I immediately said, “I am so sorry!” I did not want to offend whomever I was laying upon within the grave. I quickly got up and dusted myself off. When I played back that part of the digital recording, I heard no spirit voice telling me to get off them or “welcome to my world!” The lower right photo shows the sunken grave, it is where the grass is the greenish. The spot is 2/3 down and 2/3 to the right.

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