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Slow Shutter vs. Demensional Overlapping

These ghost photos were sent by Augustine Towonsing of Malaysian Ghost Research at augustine@cikguaugustine.net.

Augustine said, "In my opinion, the slow shutter with camera shake will produce semi transparent and blurring images as the one just below. My conclusions is, the photo which has captured the paranormal events shows those people are not walking most probably standing still. The deference is only captured using a tripod.

When I do comparison with the photo where the people are walking on the bridge, even though this photo captured with slow shutter and camera shake but it does not produce any anomaly that we can considered as paranormal since the streaks of light due to camera shake.

Then again, if we compare the suspected paranormal photo with the photo just below the photo of people on the bridge there are no deference because those people are not walking but standing still. The only deference was the other photo has captured suspected paranormal events where as the other one only the streaks of light due to camera shake.

I would like to point out some good point that may solve or enlighten this problem. Which are;

1. The figure in red T-shirt most probably just standing still and if the person were moving about most probably the body would not be seen at all since the person only have one body.

2. My close examination, by looking at the left hand of the same person it clear that the hand is not disappear but still can be seen through the white layer and it is noticeable that the hand is just next to the person's tie and clear that the person is wearing a watch suggests that the blurring images may not the same person.

3. The blurring images at the middle is not transparent but having some kind of thickness suggests that the figure have substance and the blurring images not consistent which means the thickness are not even where some parts are thick and some are thin suggests that this phenomenon most probably related to some kind of energy being expand.

4. Behind the blurring image there is another figure, most probably a small boy and also standing still yet also seems to be transparent.

5. The man in strip T-Shirt also most probably standing still but probably band forward. However, the legs have been disappear just like the man in white T-shirt standing still yet become transparent.

The argument is; if this photo does not captured paranormal events the people standing still do not become transparent yet the photo of those people walking on the bridge are not standing still and was captured without a tripod do not produce the same manner.

Therefore, I believe that the suspected paranormal events captured in that photo most probably valid as dimensional events."

Dr. Dave's Notes:

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