Over 360 ghost voices.
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Overlapping Dimensions 2

These ghost photos were sent by Augustine Towonsing of augustine@cikguaugustine.net.

Augustine said, "Another possible dimensional picture was taken on 18th September, 2005 with the Canon EOS888 on Kodak ISO200 with a tripod. In my opinion in this picture, the streak of lights become a mystery since the rest of the local lights sources do not produce any streaks. and for this reason I do believe that the streaks are most probably parallel orbs in motion and these streaks caused the the head of the man in the white shirt to disappear. The shadow at the back of the man in white shirt may suggests that the earlier mentioned streaks are most probably vortexes.

This photo also suggests the presence of not only recorded ghosts in human form but also through the bodiless feet and the orange ecto. It is clear that the legs of the youth in the black shirt disappear or are transparent, suggesting the occurrence of the phases of dimensional shift.

Zoomed Photo Number 1 suggests the presence of the orange ecto. In my opinion by looking at the zoomed picture it is quite noticeable that there is the presence of a transparent figure. Perhaps this orange ecto is the phase of forming into a human figure or otherwise.

Meanwhile, zoomed Photo Number 2 shows bodiless feet. It is also noticeable that the foot at the right most side shows a barefooted foot. It is clear the feet are solid but being bodiless suggests that these feet may belong to spirits.

Meanwhile zoomed Photo Number 3 shows a face of a girl with big eyes. This figure may suggests the existence of the spirit in human figure for I didn't see this girl at the time I captured this photo.

This photo was taken during the full moon in conjunction with the Chinese Lantern Festival. My understanding through the Home Study Course 'Understanding Dimensional Phase Displacement' had put me in the situation where I can't question this photo. However, I would like to know you opinion which I think the visitors would like to know too."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
While some skeptics will claim that these images are just slow speed shutter, I personally feel that they may qualify as dimensional overlapping into our realm. I even had one skeptic tell me t hat digital cameras can take double images, but apparently he did not understand the concept of film and cogs that sometimes do not advance film in a film camera. A digital camera cannot take impose one image onto a second different image as it stores the image directly to memory.

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