Over 360 ghost voices.
Nowhere else will you find a 60-minute DVD such as this one, filled with 844 pictures and over 384 ghost voices from all across the country and from Central America.

Dimensional Portal Opening

These ghost photos were sent by Allison Sullivan of asullivan2@rochester.rr.com.

Allison said, "Dave, These photos were taken in the woods with a motion and heat sensitive camera set up to catch pictures of wild life. The first shows an odd mist, and the second is totally blocked accept for the upper left corner. What do you think?"

Dr. Dave's Notes:
The purple haze is some kind of ghostly energy pattern that triggered the motion and heat sensor camera. The second photo is typical of extremely high levels of electromagnetic fields when a doorway, or portal opening occurs. These wormholes apparently discharge intense EM fields that will "wash out" photos and camcorders recordings. Perhaps the purple haze was the spirit energy waiting for the portal to open so he, she could return to her dimension.

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