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Jessie James Home

This ghost photo was sent by AL & Ellisa & Kelly Lugo of allugo@adelphia.net.

Al said, "On 6-11-06 I took my family to Kansas City MO to visit family. In the first photo, we are approaching the front door of the house with our tour guide. The house has no electricity. You can see in the picture a light on in the window and the curtain is parted as if someone is looking out at us. While there we visited the Jesse James farm and got this awesome picture of a ghost in the tree line in back of Jesse James moms house. I didn't see anything with the naked eye however when I downloaded the pictures to my laptop I noticed what could be Jesse James himself. If you look in the center of the photo in between the 2nd and third fence post you will see a black figure of a human peering around a tree looking into the forest. It looks like he has a rifle in his hands as the right elbow is elevated a bit as well as the right knee is bent a bit to. I took this photo with a 7.1 mega pixel digital camera so zoom in half way for a really clear view. zoom in all the way to inspect it. You can clearly see the boots, the separation of the legs from the calf's down. Maybe a trench coat is blocking the rest."

Dr. Dave's Notes:
What do you think, no flash was used so the light in the window was not caused by using a flash. The black shadow does indeed look like a man. Shadow people?

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