Alamo Ghost Conference

Haunted 1859 Menger Hotel

The 8th Annual IGH Ghost Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas on June 19, 2004 at the haunted Menger Hotel. Perhaps you will met the female ghost that walls the hallways of Menger Hotel. Guest speakers will be speaking the haunting of the Menger Hotel, the ghosts of the Alamo and San Antonio, Ghost Photography, EVP techniques and procedures, and the software to evaluate ghost voices and the psychology of earth bound spirits. No boring theories, just practical knowledge based on field investigation experiences.

The International Ghost Hunters Society is a scientific based organization, so therefore, we will have no psychics or mediums speaking, but rather we will be teaching techniques and procedures based on our combined 28 years of experience. Bring your cameras and digital or tape recorders for the on-site field investigations on Saturday afternoon and evening. An optional walking ghost tour is available. We will have a special investigation on Friday night for Inner Circle members.

Battlegrounds for the Alamo Defenders

The Conference registration fee for this event is $80 per person, which does not include lodging. We will have limited seating due to the size of the meeting room at the haunted 1859 Menger Hotel, so register early. Conference packets will be available for pick-up at the registration table on the morning of the event. Special Conference room rates of $95 at the Menger Hotel. Just ask the reservation clerk for the International Ghost Hunters room rates when you call Toll-Free: (800) 345-9285 . If you need to cancel, refunds will be made until May 1, after that date there will be no refunds. After June 14th, please register at the door. Registration at the door is $95 per person.

  • Confused about orbs? Learn what are environmental and which are ghost orbs.
  • Learn why Brad Steiger calls EVP, Etheric Voice Phenomena.
  • Learn about digital static and why it is confused with EVP.
  • Learn the proper techniques for recording the voices of the dead.
  • Discover why any standard tape recorder works for recording EVP.
  • Speakers will focus on ghost photography, EVP, psychology of earth bound spirits, grief and the scientific approach to ghost hunting.
  • Learn about the ghosts that haunt the hallways of Menger Hotel from Ernesto Malacara.
  • Opportunities to mingle with other ghost hunters and researchers between sessions.
  • Time to meet with Dave & Sharon between and after Conference sessions.
  • Time to share EVP Recordings, Ghost Photographs with other IGHS members after Conference sessions.
  • Inner Circle members will have a special investigation on Friday Night, June 18th at 7:00 PM.
  • Conference will from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Saturday.
  • Guest Speakers and Times

Ghost Conference at Menger Hotel
204 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205

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