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Muness Castle Apparition

Enlargement of Apparition

This ghost photo was sent by Antonia Goodland of AGoodland@aol.com.

Antonia said, "I found you website and think that it's fascinating. Then I was sorting through some photos and found some ghosts! It was taken by my cousin at Muness Castle in the island of Unst in Shetland exactly a year ago. We had a picnic in the shelter of the castle walls and just before leaving, for some reason my cousin decided to photograph the sign - maybe as a reminder to herself of the name of the name of the castle, once she got back to Australia. We were absolutely alone in that extremely remote place. As you can see it is Britain's most Northern castle! There was not another soul around! And there had been no one else there during the two hours that we were there."

And this STRANGE personage shows up in the photo! As you can see, it appears to be a gentleman in 17th century dress, wearing a frock-coat and a sort of tricorn hat. He is carrying something in his hand which is casting a very small point of shadow on the door of the castle. You might think that it is my shadow but I can assure you that a.) I was actually standing behind my cousin at the time, watching her take the photo and was thinking that she was a bit crazy taking a photo of a sign! And b.) even if I had wandered towards the castle, (which I didn't) there's no way that I would have cast a shadow like that! I was dressed in slacks and a parka, no hat and I am a tall slim woman and I had my hair tied back in a pony tail.

I have puzzled over this photo again and again and can't find any logical explanation for this 'visitor'. If you think that my cousin might have faked it, forget it! She is an ordained Anglican priest and is seriously not into ghosts and things supernatural. In fact she was slightly disturbed by it.

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