2003 Gettysburg Ghost Conference

"Learning from the Past"

The Sixth Annual International Ghost Hunters Society Gettysburg Ghost Conference, hosted by Cofounders, Dr. Dave Oester & Dr. Sharon Gill, is scheduled for March 29 and 30th, 2003. This is the largest Civil  War ghost conference held annually in the United States.

While some may use our initials, IGHS, to attract people, we are the only ones who teach the scientific approach to researching life after death. No psychic babble or Ouija boards by psychic wannabe's, but you will find scientific tools employed to document the existence of life after death.

Our theme is "Learning From the Past" suggesting we can learn valuable insights from EVP voices from the Civil War Battlefield. The Conference will focus around the scientific approach to EVP and how to use the software for evaluating the voices. Tips and secrets shared. Hands on experience for everyone. We will demonstrate how clear EVP voices are as compared to the digital static many confuse with EVP.  

The Conference will focus around the scientific approach to EVP and the software for evaluating the voices. Tips and secrets shared. Hands on experience for everyone. We will demonstrate how clear are  EVP voices compared to the digital static that many confuse with EVP. 

We will also be providing a special EVP CD for everyone attending the Conference, filled with real voices of the dead and a shareware program for cleaning up EVP voices. The CD will only be available for those who pre-register for the Conference. Don't miss attending! Visitors are welcome to attend.

The Gettysburg Ghost Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA. Gettysburg is is one of the most concentrated haunted spots in America. You do not have to be an IGHS member to attend this ghost conference.

Make your reservation early or you will regret waiting so long.

Our speakers will be IGHS members who have experiences with EVP and their analysis. IGHS speakers will be Inner Circle members who follow the Standards and Protocols of the IGHS.

Lodging & Meeting Site


Holiday Inn Battlefield Tour Center next door- Walk to all attractions, 102 lovely rooms. Teens stay free. Rated AAA. AARP & Corp. Discounts. Non-smoking rooms. Cable-HBO. Pets. Restaurant-Lounge. In the Historic District at PA Rt. 97 & Bus. Rt. 15 S. (717) 334-6211.

Book your room after July 1, 2002 at the Holiday Inn Battlefield, ask for Ghost Conference Discount.

Farnsworth House has rooms to stay in while in Gettysburg so if you would like to reserve a room, call Patti at (717) 334-8838.

Conference Events

The theme for this year's Conference is EVP. Bring your tape and digital recorders. Many have confused digital static with EVP, learn from the experts why these false readings are simply static. Listen to real EVP, voices that sound human with speech that is understood. Learn what kind of equipment works best, what kind of audio tapes are better then others. Experience the joy of capturing voices of the dead reliving the battle first hand. This is not a psychic approach, but a scientific approach that is open for everyone who wants to experience the voices of the past.

There will be time to meet other ghost hunters, ghost researchers and ghost believers and to establish networking relationships after conference sessions. Sharon and I are looking forward to meeting you in person and to have time to sit down and chat about ghosts and things that go bump in the night. We believe an important aspect of this conference is the time we have together between and after conference sessions. Bring your photos and share them with us on Sunday morning and if possible bring an extra print for us to post on our website.

Check out the schedule at Conference Speakers

  • Learn about digital static and why it is confused with EVP.
  • Learn the proper techniques for recording the voices of the dead.
  • Discover why any standard tape recorder works for recording EVP.
  • Speakers will focus on EVP, Psychology of earth bound spirits, grief and the scientific approach to ghost hunting.
  • Opportunities to mingle with other ghost hunters and researchers between sessions.
  • Time to meet with Dave & Sharon between and after Conference sessions.
  • Time to share EVP Recordings, Ghost Photographs with other IGHS members after Conference sessions.
  • Inner Circle members will have a special investigation on Friday Night, March 28th at 7:00 PM.
  • Conference will start at 9:00 AM Saturday and Sunday, March 29 and March 30th, 2003.

The cost of the Conference is $80 per person. The registration cost does not cover the lodging at the Holiday Inn Battlefield nor food or the Ghost Tour. If you need to cancel, refunds will be made until February 15, after that date there will be no refunds. After March 25th, please register at the door. Registration at the door is $95 per person.

Sign up for the Conference in two steps. The first step is registering with a credit card. The second step is providing the names of those attending.

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