Ghosts of Gettysburg


The Home Study Course for Certified Ghost Hunter.

Welcome to the the Ghosts of Gettysburg Collection. All new Gettysburg photos will be added to the existing Ghost Galleries starting with Ghost Gallery 13.

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Little Round Top Triangular Field Jenny Wade
Gettysburg Library Devils Den Gettysburg Ghosts
Battlefield View Pickett's Charge Gettysburg Energy
Farnsworth House Battlefield Ecto Orphanage
Triangular Field Discontinuity Gettysburg Haunts
Triangular Field
Sach's Ghosts 1
Triangular Field
Sach's Ecto
Splanger's Spring Etco
Sprangler's Spring
Sach's Bridge
Calvary Field
Field Orbs
Wheatfield Ghosts
Sach's Bridge
General Reynolds
Baltimore Ecto
Devils Den
Sach's Bridge
Devils Den Vortex
Big Round Top
Devils Den Ecto
Gettysburg Ectoplasm
Spangler Springs
Gettysburg Spirits
Wheatfield Ghost
Cemetery Spirits
Triangular Field Ecto
Devils Den Cave
Homestead House
Gettysburg Spirits
Devils Den
Devils Den
Sach's Bridge 2
Triangular Field
Devil's Den Ecto
Peach Tree Ecto
Gettysburg 7
Gettysburg 1
Gettysburg 5
Gettysburg Ecto

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